The English Bulldog and their slightly smaller cousin the French Bulldog have always been hugely popular breeds. An average English Bulldog will weigh in at 40–50 pounds, depending on sex. For all support regarding products or orders please contact us at [email protected] or txt/call 1(844) 233-7387. Both breeds will also require regular nail trimmings and teeth brushing. French Bulldogs are a medium-sized breed, and due to their smaller size, they are often considered over their counterpart, the English Bulldog. English Bulldogs are also social pups and do not do well alone for long periods of time. They're descended from English Bulldogs, designed to be a little smaller and more portable than their ancestors. Although they generally get along well with other family pets, English bulldogs can be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs. Therefore, sometimes they can be quite difficult and require a positive reward-based approach. Of course, they are still heavyset for their size like all Bulldogs, weighing up to 28 pounds. When owning a Bulldog, it is very important to understand their structural health issues and give them special care to prevent them from getting any worse. Well, you won’t have to take your Frenchie to the groomers every month or anything. They get along well with puppies and small animals. Can be lazy and/or stubborn. they often have hypersensitive reactions to nutrition, so which you oftentimes might desire to purchase specific nutrition, and their surroundings. Unlike breeds of dogs that look cute as puppies, but lose some physical appeal as they mature. They commonly reach heights of around 11–13 inches. English Bulldogs may require a little more daily exercise, with a moderate length walk and some play daily being good enough for them. All Rights Reserved. Most Bulldogs are not very aggressive. They are much smaller and have pointy ears. Things To Make Alone Time Easier For Your French Bulldog. Returns This goes for any dog breed, but expecially true for a bulldog … Sadly, both breeds have a lot of severe and potentially life-threatening health issues that you must be aware of before purchasing. If the answer is yes, you should probably make the decision to either get another Bulldog or to get a Labrador Retriever. Apparel They live to give love to their human family, and they absolutely delight in receiving affection from them. It does not mean you will have not dominance problems- they are stilll young adult males. Life with an English Bulldog presents a lot of challenges. yet, i'm biased as an bulldog proprietor. The weight of your dog can also affect the number of wrinkles, with overweight dogs having more wrinkles because of the added fat. English bulldogs were originally bred for hunting and controlling livestock. Be aware that English Bulldogs can be very possessive of their food bowl. English Bulldogs are easily cutest. Short, fun sessions along with patience work best for these dogs. Our aim is to produce and sell high quality english bulldog and french bulldog puppies with impeccable standard and exotic colors, health, tempers and structures. The British bulldog is a wonderful and gentle dog that makes a great family pet. We are getting another male frenchie puppy who should be around 9 weeks old when we get him. We have gotten 2 sets of bowls for food/water, 2 beds, 2 sets of toys, etc. The English Bulldog is probably the calmest of all the bulldog breeds. French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Rottweiler Puppies for Sale. Some English Bulldogs may have issues with other dogs and could be aggressive towards them. While anything's possible, English bulldogs generally do not shine in obedience class. As mentioned earlier, do not walk these breeds in hot weather. Are loving and easy-going. Living With: English bulldogs make fine apartment pets and do not require a … My sis has a english/french bulldog mix and a boxer. Some French Bulldogs enjoy the company of cats, and some ignore cats. And some Bulldogs do not get along with cats. French Bulldogs and Cats French Bulldogs fall in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to getting along with cats. Sometimes they will even sing along … This issue can also be circumvented by early training as a puppy. He is currently prescribed to 12 … The average lifespan of the Bulldog is 10 to 12 years, while the Beagle usually is in the 12 to 15 years range. Why Do Puppies Wake So Early In The Morning? Both breeds require early obedience and socialization training to mature into well-behaved adults. Will my rescue French Bulldog get along with my cat? French Bulldogs are caring and get along well with children. Learn how to be the best way to be a proud owner of this awesome breed. Do English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs get along? They require less exercise than other breeds. As with any dog, when they are first introduced to children it should be done on a gradual basis. Contact Us English bulldogs are especially known for their wrinkles, while other types of Bulldog, such as the French and American Bulldogs, have fewer of them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bulldogs are very, very much a family dog. This was a characteristic that has been bred into them over time, with previous genereations of Bulldogs having much more prominent muzzles. FAQs Shop The French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix is also known as the Free-lance Bulldog. 8 Answers. If you are looking for an adult Frenchie which will be the only pet in the home, you will have no problem at all. They do have a very good sort of wellbeing themes nonetheless. Cesareans are usually necessary and contribute to the high price of Bulldog puppies. Regardless of which breed you go for, it is important to know how to properly groom them to keep them healthy and happ. However, before deciding on either of these breeds, be sure you are aware of the severe health issues within this breed. Pug vs French Bulldog – Lifespan. According to our experience, French Bulldogs usually get along with each other just fine, but sometimes they can express some level of aggression towards dogs of the same sex. As far as temperament goes, English and French Bulldogs do have some traits in common, but their personalities aren’t identical. See section 8 of this guide on how to get your Bulldog to calm down, What to do with those rosebud ears when your Bulldog needs cleaning, How to feed your Bulldog and the best type of food for this breed. Frenchies tend to be friendly, sociable, and calm if they have been trained and socialized well from a young age. Bulldogs are well-satisfied with their heads on the laps of the humans they love. The Frenchie is well-known as a very calm, low-energy dog. But when the English bulldog has had enough, he can simply walk away. Eppi (the bulldog) and Beta (her boxer) get along great! English Bulldogs are known to get along just fine with other dogs. Both the English and the French Bulldog are brachycephalic, meaning they have a shortened skull. But there are more serious health conditions that limping legs are sometimes attributed to. Constitutional Disorders of the Skeleton in Dogs and Cats, Diagnostic method and apparatus for assessing canine hip dysplasia, The epidemiology of patellar luxation in dogs attending primary-care veterinary practices in England, Breed-Predispositions to Cancer in Pedigree Dogs, A Pathologic-Anatomical Interpretation of Disc Degeneration in Dogs, Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats. You may have to jump through some hoops to get your bulldog on board, but it’s not impossible. Although they generally get along well with other family pets, English bulldogs can be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs. What does this mixed breed look and act like? This article pits two very beloved breeds together to see which one may be right for you: French Bulldog vs English Bulldog! French Bulldogs are very attached to their owner and don’t like to be left alone for a long time. However, it is still recommended to not leave particularly young children unsupervised with any breed. Are there any tips on how to make sure that they get along and are habitable with one another? On days such as those, indoor play can be a good alternative. The good news is, just like English and American Bulldogs, French Bulldogs that don’t like cats can be socialized to get along with them. English Bulldogs make wonderful furry companions, but only with the right family. Always consider your lifestyle, family size, and house environment before deciding on a breed. you have when you bring home an English Bulldog is that it won’t get along with While these dogs can be very kind and peaceful, they don’t all have the same temperament. Your email address will not be published. We can’t recommend either breed due to their serious health problems, but if your heart is set on one then rescuing an adult is your best approach. It is a well known fact that French Buldogs are first and fore most companion dogs. The physical features of English bulldogs are considered the classic features for bulldogs in general. Unfortunately, as desirable as these dogs are, … They can be buddy-buddy. A bulldog is like Peter Pan -- he won't grow up. Again, temperament can sometimes vary depending on genes and traits that have been passed down through bloodlines. All our puppies are born, raised and registered in the United States. If the English doesn’t want to do something, you can sure bet they will do their utmost to not do it! This is a mainstream breed with a long history. They can be brave, but they don’t start fights. If you want to have a sweet and loving pet that you can take with you wherever you go, then the best bet … Can You Use A Spray Bottle To Train A Dog? Unfortunately, the Frenchie is so small that they may not have that option. The Frenchie, however, is quite mischievous and fun-loving. I have a 20 lbs french bulldog and a 47lbs olde english bulldog. They love making their owners laugh and are always up for a cuddle. This is further exacerbated by hot weather and exercise. Dogsnet is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Dogsnet is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Breed Vs Breed - Compare Your Favorite Breeds Of Dog. A well bred english bulldog holds its "beauty" as a puppy and as an adult. ... i once worked for a lady that bred english bulldogs and standard poodles they got along great just gotta treat them good they will be alright together. They do have a very good sort of wellbeing themes nonetheless. Do French Bulldogs get along with cats? The crate will serve as a safe haven for your dog. They get along with kids and other pets well, provided they have been socialized from a young age. Well, you won’t have to take your Frenchie to the groomers every month or anything. ... Yeah, Siberian Huskies are good that way, they can get along easily with other dogs, but the question is, will the Bulldog get along with the Siberian Husky as they usually are not great at bonding with other dogs. Not only do they get along great with children, but they love children and make great companions. October 20, 2018 By //  by Ryan Jones Leave a Comment. Keep them from running up and down stairs and also stop them from jumping on and off furniture. She's a little bruiser with them, it's hilarious to watch! Frenchies get along with other pets better than Boston Terriers does. The French bulldog is very human oriented, loves to be with their humans and even act human like. Don't feed an English Bulldog in the presence of … This is another aspect that has been bred into the dog over time and can lead to a lot of strain being applied to the joints. Not instictually. A boxer would be a great idea, as long as you can handle the energy ;) I pet-sit a male english bulldog pup who LOVES playing with my 2 yr old female boxer. Neutering is not a cure-all, but it does take the edge off. Shipping Brachycephalic airway syndrome could eventually lead to laryngeal collapse. Is it more like the French Bulldog or the English? i've got self belief all those canines comprise wellbeing themes nonetheless. Like other bulldogs, Frenchies are loud breathers due to the configuration of their noses and should not be over-exercised. Merle English bulldogs should be provided with their own place. Both the English and the French bulldogs get along well with people, and especially children. This article aims to give you all the knowledge you need on these two breeds to make an informed decision on which breed would be best for your family situation! Living With: English bulldogs make fine apartment pets and do not require a … The French Bulldog English Bulldog Mix is also known as the Free-lance Bulldog. English Bulldog The French Bulldog English Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the French Bulldog and the English Bulldog. They can have a big personality, and if they decide they don’t want to do something, they will dig their heels in! They tend to be very friendly and gentle with kids. This includes the massive head with lots of folds, a flat face, a stocky build, and very short legs. The lifespan of Pugs is longer than the French Bulldog. The French Bulldog can be slightly easier to handle on average, but with good training and care, both of these breeds can fit into many families as good companions. All puppies are raised in our home, along with children and other household pets. The Frenchies are the easier of the two to care for, due to their coat shedding a lot less than the English. Get even more great ideas about 77+ Do Boston Terriers Get Along With French Bulldogs by visiting our recommendation website with LINK. Their name derives from a barbaric sport called bull-baiting. Eppi also gets along great with my two boxers. Therefore it’s recommended to try and always have someone within the house to keep this breed company. This makes the Frenchie an excellent lap dog, but the English bulldog may not be all that easy to carry around despite its seemingly small size. Their forefathers were crude bulldogs rearers to battle bulls and different canines in the 1600s and 1700s.