This was substantiated by how quickly and easily the commercial watermen landed their quotas. 1.5K likes. Some areas include on the Rappahannock river up to Tappahannock, on the Potomac river up to Coles Point, and throughout the bay and local creeks. Croaker, although abundant, are running medium size at best. The only members of the above list that won't take an artificial offering are spot who prefer a bloodworm. Add coconut milk. The added weight of unnecessary gear will reduce your fuel economy and ultimately cost you money. Water weighs just over 8 pounds a gallon and gas exceeds 6 pounds. We have a wide variety of species available this month in the Northern Neck: Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Cobia, Spadefish, Flounder, Whiting, Speckled Trout, Puppy Drum, Spot, Croaker and more. It is a multi-species tournament offering light competition for Boats, Kayaks, and shore fishermen. Fishing! Toss to combined. For blues and cobia, the standard grind of menhaden chum will suffice, yet the spadefish prefer a clam chum. With the massive amount of lures, colors, styles and rigging available, it is clear proof that men will spend an absorbent amount of time and money to participate in Americas favorite pastime. Many of the same species available last month are also obtainable in July. Just outside of Ingram Bay Marina folks are catching both mackerel and blues trolling at the mouth of the Great Wicomico River. Last year, being extreemly cold, had an adverse effect on the ocean fishing. When this is evident, using a #2 planer will work best. Once complete, I’ll update the book.>> The most detailed guide on Wade Fishing ever published for the Rappahannock River The Rappahannock River is home to some of the biggest, meanest smallmouth bass in Virginia. Cobia have shown up in the region at the end of May and provide great live bait action well into the month of June. Another area that should not be discounted is the eastern channel edges from Smith Point to the Cut Channel. No matter what activity you prefer,  it’s great to be on the water.I have included a Fish Cakes recipe out of my private collection for you to try. For those anglers preferring to jig and cast lures, the Berkley Gulp baits are producing results on a variety of species. Windmill Point, outside of  Ingram Bay, Smith Point and Coles Point are all locations that hold these fish. Croaker fishing will quickly fade but Spot will become plentiful over most hard bottom areas. Spinnerbaits, tipped with plastic chunks, are the most productive bait, but jigs and grubs are also taking their share. Go to for more information or call 580-7292. Fish. Rappahannock River Fishing is a page dedicated to fishing strategies and the best spots from expert fisherman. The swimming mullets and the jerk baits are most popular. Locations holding these fish are; Windmill Point, outside of, Chumming is popular for gathering catches of. Cobia are more free swimming and can be drawn to the boat with chum and prefer live offerings such as spot and eels. With close proximity to Dameron's Marsh as well as several creek inlets, kayakers have found great success with light tackle while casting and jigging from the rentals.SPECKLED TROUT fishing is one of the staples of skinny water. Divide mixture among serving bowls. Ken Penrod warns that at the current low river levels, the Upper Potomac is Flounder fishing is picking up this month with signs of improved numbers this season. In Maryland waters anglers are only allowed two lures per rod (as in tandem rigged baits). That is only $12.00 more per day - Not very much in the big picture. Tide Times are EST (UTC -5.0hrs). The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is requiring states to comply with a reduction in Cobia harvests this year due to a large number of landings last year. Grass beds in skinny water are the home for Speckled trout, puppy drum and larger Croakers. This results in snapped lines and lost opportunities. This fishing should last for the majority of the month. Custom cruises - it's on the water, we can do it! I am not positive the fish but I believe it's a White Perch . It is now that 2-5 pound schooling fish take over and are available for light tackle enthusiasts in the form of chumming, trolling or casting. They can also be jigged along during a drift. August offers a wide variety of species including Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Cobia, Spadefish, Flounder, Whiting, Trout, Red Drum, Spot, Croaker and more. Anglers throughout the bay found very few fish on opening day. A slightly faster speed will entice more mackerel as a slower moving bait will attract more drum. Use a 15-foot long  20# leader with a good quality swivel in the center behind a #1 planer or light in-line sinkers to keep the baits down below the surface 12-15 feet. I estimated the three Ukrops bags lightened the wallet another seventy bucks. On many occasions the fish can be found cruising the surface away from any visible structure. The one to three pound  blues are high on my list of dinner fare from local waters. In 2011, we experienced a huge population of red drum in the bay due to one of the warmest winters in decades. Fishing for up to seven people per vessel (total of 14). Custom fishing charters available - contact us for details! This is a great sign and promotes both better fishing and crabbing. For more information about joining the club go to: A slightly faster speed will entice more mackerel as a slower moving bait will attract more drum. As for the use of Planers, they allow a greater depth to be obtained with a minimum amount of line extended. Oct 20, 2013 - Explore Mason Realty, Inc's board "Rappahannock River" on Pinterest. The choice of flies usually fall within a colorful variety of clousers and deceivers. Common sense and hard facts should always be factored into each decision, especially regarding the fisheries. Barnacles are a fuel killer. Hence, there were large numbers of fish staging outside of the spawning areas waiting for the water temperature to become suitable for fertilization and survival. The strong run of cobia in the bay this year translated into huge numbers being caught locally.Sign up for a tournament, get the family aboard your boat and enjoy some friendly competition. As water temperatures rise and salinity levels increase our fishing will bust open. This is one fishery that anglers spend a lot of time and effort on. Areas of interest are varied. The Rappahannock is home to several of the prominent towns in the region including Urbanna, White Stone, Irvington and Deltaville. Locations holding the best populations are Mobjack Bay, both the North and East river, the Piankatank river,  Dividing Creek and Ingram Bay. The Rappahannock river and its tributaries have been holding small trout all winter and we are now seeing more 14-16 inch fish being caught in the shallows and inlets along the bay. There have already been several mackerel in our catches since mid-July. Followers 240 Catches 12 Spots 1 To inquire about those trips, call (804) 580-7292. Toss to coat. SHELL and some other credit cards give cash back on fuel purchases. As long as the routes I have discussed are not rocky and will not put a hole in my boat, I’ll be happy. They can be caught one of two ways during September. For those anglers preferring to jig and cast lures, the Berkley Gulp baits are producing results on a variety of species. Ingram Bay Marina has some of the best fuel prices on the bay, yet while swapping fish stories at the tackle shop I hear grumblings of how it's too expensive to fish anymore. As we approach months end, this fishery matures nicely with 18-26 inch fish available for light tackle action.We've had several folks take fly rods out in the kayaks and enjoy top water action for bluefish and striped bass. Cook sausages in a frying pan over medium heat until fat starts to render (melt). After June 15th, Virginia striped bass season is closed until October.During early May the preferred method of catching the large striped bass is trolling. Rockfish less than 28 inches became more abundant towards the end of May. My abundance of testosterone carries me further south to Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach during the month of January. USGS 01668000 RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER NEAR FREDERICKSBURG, VA. Bloodworms, shrimp and squid are all good baits to add to a standard bottom rig. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, The RivahFall EditionBy: Capt. Among the many other species available in June, COBIA is also a sought after fish. At the correct speed, your boat engine(s) will run smoothly and free. Others find that drifting a live minnow under a bobber will attract the attention. Dogfish have no limits. September:        Top to Bottom                    It's THAT good!September is an exciting month. August is a great month for fishing. If you have your own boat and want to know more about the local fishing, you may want to check out our weekly fishing reports in the Rappahannock Record. If you don't have a boat, give me a call or one of the other quality captains available in our area.Until next time, Fair winds. FLOUNDER fishing has made a slow start this season but should pick up this month with larger fish being available along the channel edges near the Cell and inshore at the mouths of creeks where a sharp drop-off is present. Spend some quality family time out on the water. Trolling will land good numbers of these 1-3 pound specimens. An angler measures in the longest of each of their species and competes for who has the longest total catch. For a deeper presentation, I use #2 planers which will place your spoons at depths of 15- 20 feet. Start your engines, catch fish and enjoy this summer season. The rivers where cold water run-off from the mountains was a factor, such as the Potomac and Susquehanna flats, had later runs. Chumming will provide bluefish up to 5 pounds in Maryland on the Southwest Middle Grounds. The rockfish will migrate up the bay in search of the food source. There have been several caught last month that weighed north of ten pounds. This not only saves fuel but also builds friendships. After passing Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Rappahannock becomes a tidal and brackish estuary that encompasses the river’s last 50 miles. The Piankatank river, Gwynn’s Island, Windmill Point and Dameron’s Marsh at the mouth of the, Mackerel are schooling fish which in many cases feed along with. Lower James River Fishing Report. STRIPED BASS will become the buzzword during late month when they become more plentiful while trolling in southern Maryland waters. These tab delimited tables are updated daily and can change frequently. A vast array of lures make up the purist’s arsenal, yet a simple bull minnow fished beneath a bobber will suffice in catching the tender trout. NOTE: Regulations regarding season and creel limits for American shad, hickory shad, river herring, and striped bass in the tidal Rappahannock are set by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC). have shown up early this year. Of course, nocturnal anglers find that sunset offers many of the same benefits. Anglers were forced to readjust, so we fished in locations nearer the spawning areas. ______________________________________________________________________________________, RIVAH Magazine - May IssueBy: Capt. There are several artificial reefs in the region that are very productive. It traverses the entire northern part of the state, from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west where it rises, across the Piedmont to the Fall Line, and onward through the coastal plain to flow into the Chesapeake Bay, south of the Potomac River. Skinny Water, Deep Water,           Big boats and small...September offers it All. They are back to the abundant numbers they had in the 1970’s. SPECKLED TROUT are inshore fish that seek areas of heavy structure or protection. Nothing stirs the soul of a riverneck like the arrival of rockfish season. These fish had become accustomed to wintering in the bay and its tributaries due to several years of above average temperatures. We have landed several cobia in excess of 50 inches this season with both live and artificial baits. These 40-60 inch fish give an amazing fight and offer a flavor that will dazzle your taste buds. To find Rappahannock River enter the 37.587635 latitude, and -76.289108 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or smart phone. The month of August was one of the coolest on record, and September followed with seasonally appropriate temperatures. Billy Pipkin. I've found consistent catches in the past between the Maryland/Virginia line and the mouth of the Rappahannock River. Early morning offers good fishing and cooler temperatures. Add remaining ingredients. Instead of individuals heading out alone, gather a few folks from the marina and go together. Toss to coat. at the marina gas pump, they're threatening to quit their favorite pastime. If you want to book a trip give us a call at 580.7292. fishing has shown hope over the past few years. The colors that are most productive remain white and chartreuse. One example would be in the crab industry. Tides, weather conditions and patience are all factors in successful speckled trout fishing. For more information about joining the club go to: ==================================================================================================="The Rivah" July edition, July Fishing Frenzy - The Fish and Fishing Holes. Expectations of an early Spring faded as the cold weather worsened through February and lingered deep into March. The baits boasting the best results are soft shell crab, live pencil eels spot and croaker. When trolling for Mackerel a 2-4 ounce sinker will keep your line just below the surface. This is the second year in a row that, although abundant, sizes are below average. Charter the Miss Nichole for a great day of fishing! A 6,8,or 10 ounce sinker will carry the lure 4 to 8 feet deep respectively. SHARKS are not uncommon in the Chesapeake Bay. Over the past few years, the cost of fuel has risen roughly sixty cents per gallon. Enjoy! With the popularity of the fishery growing exponentially, the populations took a hit. J ames River Shad Fishing. Cobia prefer live bait to artificial lures. For the second winter in a row, below average temperatures swept our region. Water temperature below 54 degrees is considered lethal to eggs and larvae. The Rappahannock River in eastern Virginia is the country's longest free-flowing river in the eastern United States, running for approximately 184 miles, from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Chesapeake by south of the Potomac. Visit Steve at w for more information and to order his books on wade fishing the Rapidan and Rappahannock Rivers. During my 50+ years living on the bay and 30 years as a licensed charter captain, I have come to realize that nature and natural weather events have as much to do with fluctuations in the fisheries as the user groups that harvest them. Both fish finder rigs as well as free floating baits will entice bites. As with Bluefish, they can be found feeding along the flats leading to, and atop the edges of channel areas. These fish don't really hit their peak until August and September, but they do offer diversity of catches in many of the same areas as croaker are found. Many of these fish remain well to the north at this time with the majority being above Point Lookout. So what effect did this have on our fishing? Mirrolures and other similar presentations are working as well. They can be found in many of the Chesapeake's southern reaches including the bay bridge tunnel and bluefish rock. Their maximum growth reaches a length of almost 7 feet and a weight of over 100 pounds. Common Carp. Garnish with chilli and parsley. RAPPAHANNOCK RIVER - Lots of small stripers are cruising the lower reaches of the river, searching for large minnows and Rat-L-Traps. Salinity also plays an important part in the annual spawning of striped bass in the bay. Grass beds in skinny water are the home for Speckled trout, puppy drum and larger Croakers. If you use these ratings, it is important that you update often so that you have the most current version. They love bloodworms but if your wallet balks you can use night crawlers, short thin strips of squid or artificial worm fish bites- a top seller at our tackle shop. Other rivers in the region like the Piankatank, Great Wicomico and Potomac, will also hold croaker. This month brings tremendous opportunities for anglers. This fishery only gets better as it peaks in mid-December with the monster forty pound specimens. Signs are posted to guide river users at the portage, which is located at the I-95 bridges. Bucktails and jigs are worked near structure and around buoys such as those along the "cut channel" located outside of the. This fishery with its close proximity to shore, lends itself well to kayak fishing. For those anglers preferring to jig and cast lures, the Berkley Gulp baits are producing results on a variety of species. BLUEFISH will be mixed in with schools of spanish mackerel throughout the summer months. During the trophy season anglers are each allowed one fish per day measuring 28 inches or greater (except in the 36-40"slot), then after May 16th through the end of the year, Maryland allows two fish per person each day between 20" and 28" in length. This offers an opportunity for small boat anglers to get into the action. The RivahFall EditionBy: Capt. Today activity on the water is a fraction of what it was a decade ago. Practice up this month and join in on the fun in the Bay Bash Family Fishing Tournament being held at Ingram Bay Marina on July 13th. Kayak rentals and instruction are available at Ingram Bay Marina in Wicomico Church. Mill Landing Fishing Pier Closest intersection is; Carlton Road & Locust Point Lane Wake, VA 23176 From the above intersection go 700' down Carlton Road to the ramp area. Billy PipkinOctober 6, 2015. <