Your assumption is correct that the PMG is a 48V three phase wild AC 60 hrz and has three wires coming out of the back of it. long strip or wire of bad conductor (like steel packaging band used to pack bricks / thin iron wire / nicrome wire) to convert 120 / 240 V heating element add 8 / 18 center taps and connect + - to them in alterating order. Wear protective gloves and be cautious while working with power tools, hot solder and exposed wire. Hello Jody, Thanks for contacting me. I mean, the amount of energy needed to heat water from 25 C to 100 C, is about 300 joules, per gram of water ( 300 J/g). Do you mind if I refer to your website from this one for this or other information? Can also be used as a solar panel dump load. 4.9 (9) "Wonderful service" "Excellent supplier" Contact Supplier. Likewise, take the second prong and hold it to the center of the water heater element's second screw. C5, C20 and C100. That is excellent. Manufacturers make electric heaters with either one or two elements. Look forward to reading the rest of the article. They are even programmable through a serial cable from your laptop or desktop computer.) Get two of these 1A CAR-CUP-HEATER from Bed Bath and Beyond $9.97 or eBay $3.47 with free shipping. I also want to say “Thank you for all the changed lives you have created as a result of your research and homemade wind turbines”. This arrangement needs very little special wiring, works with normal water heaters and their thermostats, and is “fail safe” because the Tristar controller is always there doing its job if the AC heating is not needed. The element will be completely disconnect before the tank is occupied. Regarding the thermostat on the water heater, I read that you did not replace the original one that came with the tank with one that could handle higher amperage. For those of you reading the comments please take the time to go to to learn more about wind, solar, microhydo and anything electrical. Nowadays, there are so many products of 12 volt heating element in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. If your batteries only need 100 watts to hold the voltage at the bulk voltage but your solar array is making 1000 watts, PWM will make sure the circuit (solar array to batteries) is connected 10% of the time and open circuited 90% of the time just like the first of the three PWM examples in the diagram below. Although many hot water heaters have a female pipe thread (FPT), some have a square hole with a threaded bolt hole in each corner. Department. Hi, I dont know very much about … 6 Inch 12 Volt and 24 Volt DC Submersible Water Heater Elements - Low Voltage Can be used direct with batteries, solar panels, hydroelectric generators, as a wind turbine dump diversion load. Or you could stay with the 3 phase and use 3 elements wired 3 phase. If you take a normal 12/24 or 48 volt to 220 volt AC inverter and connect it to battery voltage for a 100th of a second, the inverter would not even have time to boot up before the power is removed again. Also note that this calculation ignores heat lost to surroundings. A typical electric heating unit is wired to a 220-volt circuit. US $15.00-$18.00 / Piece. I run a 24 volt micro-hydro home power system. Making your own 12-volt heater is easy, but it can be dangerous when you work by yourself. Set the body of the multimeter on the ground at the base of the water heater. Thanks! The water heating elements in a standard tank heater are made for high voltage (either 120 or 240 volts), The thermostats in a standard electric water heater are not made to handle DC and will either arc and stop working or catch fire. On sunny days my excess solar is 500W to 3Kw. Can I run the water heater with only 1 element wind powered and one hard wired shut off ,,if it takes 10 extra hour to heat up water that is fine by me. I dont know very much about electronics so simple instructions would be helpful. Lots of YouTube videos on this subject. 50% of 1000 watts is 500 watts. Tankless is NOT going to work. Off Grid Water Systems | How to Eliminate the Water Pump, Commercial Free Run or Free Range Chickens, How To Make Your Batteries Last as Long as Possible, a pre-heater for your main hot water heater if you are dumping power from a normal sized solar system or. Most Helpful Member . The second problem is hot water elements are usually high wattage 2500-5000 watts which could be enough to consume all the electricity your inverter(s) can produce, depending on the size of your system. Measured 132 vdc at 14.5 amps Innovative alternate energy products. When the tank of water becomes too hot, where do you send the excess electricity? They're probably out there though. After all, the same element is immersed in water for its original/intended use in hot water heater. The inverter will sense this as unstable input voltage or low voltage and shut down. Of course it does this hundreds or thousands of times per second. Wishing you good health in your illness… and hoping you have the time to finish the instructions/wiring diagram. I am watching for a used 5 gallon water tank on CL. It looks like it makes perfect sense but I can’t wait to build one and try it out. If your equipment already has relay driver’s you will not need the Morningstar RD. If you decide to use a 120 volt element and your inverter make sure you use an on-off relay and not a solid state relay that is pulse width modulated. PWM is much easier to understand than most people think. You and I have spoken over the years as I used to build water turbines like the “Stream Engine” with Paul Cunningham. Free Shipping by Amazon . Hi Jody, just want to add to my previous comment/question that using my grid tie inverter for off grid would only be done if the grid was down for an indefinite time. Thank you for any help. This is because you typically dump excess power at approximately 14.4-15.0 for a 12 volt DC system, 28.8-30.0 for a 24 volt system and 57.6-60.0 for a 48 volt system. Simple and self regulating without controller , batteries etc I treat this as a hobby and I use it to run my entertainment system at night for about 5-6 hours with a quality inverter. I would match it up with a 300-400 watt or so element. You are in … If you are using an AC thermostat and you are putting DC through it to trigger the relay, expect the thermostat to wear out prematurely, catch fire or have the contacts of the thermostat weld together. I could draw it out for you if you wish. Great articles on this site, I really enjoy them! I will work on a wiring diagram as soon as I can. The first question I get when folks decide to go this route is: Why can’t I just use the output of the inverter to dump electricity (when the batteries are full) into the existing water heating elements using the factory thermostats? The more insulation the better. A PWM dump controller or 12 volt relay driver (built in to most quality inverters and charge controllers)  turns the dump load (or solid state relay) on 1/3 of the time and off 2/3 of the time. I use a 5 gallon cat litter bucket with a lid. Home; DC Water Heating ; DC Water Heating . A 24 watt heater (same as 12V * 2 A) supplies 24 J/s, so the amount of time it would take to make 1 liter of merely warm water is (100 000 J) /(24J/s) = 4166 s, which is like, 1 hour +10 minutes. If it is an AIR303, AIR403, or AIRX they have an internal voltage regulator but it is still a good idea to have a backup dump load connected (or ready to be connected) to keep the turbine safe. MENU MENU ... DC Low Voltage 12 Volt Heating Element 300w for Solar Water Heater. heat it from 25 C to 50 C, that would only take about 100 J/g. Many miles beyond, or as far as the car will travel. They're called, "immersion heater". I am struggling with a chronic illness that slows me down. You could rectify the 48VAC to DC with a 3 phase bridge rectifier as found in old Ford alternators and use a couple of 1000 watt 48 volt water heating elements or air heating elements to make things simple. As an example, for calculating the resistance of a 12 volt, 24 watt, heater, use the formula P =V*I = V*(V/R) = V^2/R, P = 24 W. V =12 V. Solve P = V^2/R for R. Get R = V^2/P. Insert the red lead into the "ohms" connector and the black lead into the "common" connector of the meter. Some call them voltage controlled relay drivers or voltage controlled relays or voltage controlled switches. A small battery should be used as a buffer between the wind turbine output and the heating element to prevent the water heating element from receiving fluctuating over-voltages. Bill. This is very hard on your inverter and will make your lights blink on and off as well as make your refrigerator and freezer compressors unhappy. For building a resistor from resistance wire, (e.g nichrome or kanthal, et al.) I am up north in northern canada so we have very cold tempuratures which causes complexities like adding a hot water tank to the mix. Yes that would be great to have a drawing for this wiring diagram. It’s filled with water to the top and the 48vdc probe is screwed into the top. I would use one SSR per element. There are two problems with this: a) The voltage is always changing between the on and off voltage and we have learned that batteries will last much longer if the bulk voltage is held steady with pulse width modulation (PWM) rather than going up and down constantly. Oct 26, 2005 #2 kevinhaag said: Does anybody know how I could make a kind of "heating element" with 9 volt battery(ies). Could you answer one question about setting up a hot water heater as a dump load? The SSRs also must be able to be triggered (turned on) at 12 volts as we will be using one of the 12 volt relay drivers already installed in your charge controller or inverter. I can turn on the hard wire to help speed it up if need be. A water heater requires a 240 volt connection and cannot be re-wired to run on 120 volts. It does its switching hundreds or thousands of times per second. Part of the series: Water Heaters. Electric water heaters use either 120- or 240-volt power (240 volts is more common) to energize metal heating elements that protrude into the water heater tank through the side wall. I would match it up with a 300-400 watt or so element. For a heater to be immersed in water, usually this requires some kind of jacket, like a stainless steel, or copper, tube, to keep the heating element dry. The PWM solar controller simply turns the solar off 50% of the time and on 50% of the time. How do I use a standard hot water heater (tank style) as a dump load that will make free hot water? I am aware of the potential shock hazard. * Two (or one if you are only using one half of the capacity) low voltage 12/24/48 volts DC water heating elements large enough (enough wattage) to dump your excess power. You will need one SSR per heating element. You need an insulated element. I wonder if you will be finishing the article : Making a dump load with a hot water tank. 240 W, 2400 W, etc, or use less water e.g. A couple of things i am curious about is whether or not there is a “fuse” somewhere in the diagram and where, as well as why you use 2 SSR’s, one for each element? This would require extra components that are not cheap. as i am a newbie to the solar area. Answer This is a dedicated setup to heat water during off season ( spring , summer, early fall) when my wood boiler is down and not heating my domestic hot water. The only issue with PWM is it is fast. Related Searches. * A secondary dump load such as an air heater/resistor. Powering cheap (or high end) 220 volt inverters with PWM (pulse width modulation) to operate off the shelf heating elements would never work. Thanks . your main hot water heater if you have a large, consistent supply of electricity such as a good quality water turbine or high power wind turbine. How The Water Heats Up. Each heating element for water heater is electrical-resistant. 2 Pieces (Min Order) 9 YRS Dongguan Detai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. 96.9%. Just make sure they are rated for DC current and not just AC as most are. Merely making water warm, e.g. DC water heating with Diversion load elements are typically used with either 12, 24 or 48 volt systems. A tank is really the only way we could heat a decent amount of hot water over a long period of time depending on your power system. A blown bulb is open circuit, and no longer provides any form of dump load protection to your battery bank or windmill. How can I keep the battery bulk and absorption voltages steady so my batteries will be happy and last longer? I will always give you credit. You are absolutely correct. Do you think this is a workable way to dump excess AC to a 120v hot water heater? EXAMPLE #2 Imagine you want to dump 1000 watts of electricity but your dump load is a 3000 watt dump load. You could simply hook the positive and negative from the turbine to the element. My grid tie inverter trips off at 134 vac single phase and can also be adjusted. { 26 comments… read them below or add one }, I have dealt with these issues in many different ways over the years but have found that I am very happy with using a phase-control AC SSR to manage the AC heater and driving this by a circuit that is activated by the PWM pulses to the DC load. Hi Wrong way to do this (If there is a suitable DIY way). You can usually find a pretty good looking and quality electric hot water heater just about anywhere in the world that can be used either as: Standard off-the-shelf electric water heater. I have a 48 volt three phase 2000 watt PMG I ordered from china and fitted it to the turbine. It’s a bergey turbine. and I know the ones made for use with mains power are pretty easy to find, although I am less sure about immersion heaters intended for a 12 volt supply. Paul got to be a little more than I could cope with so I left and went out on my own years ago. If you use your entire inverter’s capacity, there will be nothing left over for your loads like refrigerators, freezers, computers, dishwashers, and all the other goodies we have grown accustomed to. Your article is a great way for off grid where PV supplies DC directly to battery bank via charge controller/inverter. Reference it all the time when looking for tips for my off grid projects…. This is where PWM charge controllers came in. 12 volt system: 450 watt and 900 watt X 2 elements =, 24 volt system: 720 watt, 900 watt and 1440 watt X 2 elements =. Jody. What Does This Mean? .. less taps for lower power 12 V lightbulb in a box high power 12 / 24 V halogen floodlight - not exactly heating element but heats alot everything placed in front of it heating elements are usually … The disadvantage is that over time, heat escapes through the tank wall and the water cools down, activating the heating system to heat the water back up, so investing in a tank with better insulation improves this standby efficiency. Appliances; Parts & Accessories; Water Heater Replacement Parts; RV Water Heaters, Pumps & Accessories; RV Water Heater Thermostats, Elements & Parts; RV Water Heaters; Water … Copper sheathed, zinc-plated elements ahelp minimize galvanization that can limit service life, while nickel-based alloy sheath water heater elements are suited for areas with extremely hard water and high sulfur and lime content. STEP 2 Remove the high voltage and high wattage AC elements and replace them with DC lower wattage elements. * Two solid state relays (SSRs) that are rated for DC at the amperage (depending on the size of your element(s)) and voltage (more than 15,30,60 volts DC) you will be using. Hi, STEP 3 Connect the negative lead from your battery/DC breaker panel to one side of each heating element. How to Test a Water Heater Element With a Multimeter. That is an efficiency of 87% with no charge controllers or other special components. You have the potential of 2200 watts (8 modules @ 275 watts) and you are able to make 1914 watts of heat (132VDC x 14.5 amps). You have searched for 12 volt heating element in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. You can usually get DC SSRs that are good for 40 or 60 amps at up to 160 or 220 VDC that are triggered by 3-24 volts on places like eBay. (It has four different channels or relay drivers that can be turned on and off at certain voltages and even temperatures. If you have the square hole type you will need one adapter, gasket and bolts per low voltage water heating element. However if you have a better suggestion like the wye configuration I am open to that. Good thoughts to you, * A charge controller or inverter that has a programmable 12 volt relay driver such as one made by: * A dump/diversion controller such as Morningstar’s TS-45, TS-60 or Schneider Electric’s C-40 or C-60 for a secondary dumping system for when the water is too hot in the water tank or the original diversion system malfunctions. b) Your 2500-5000 watt element(s) are a huge load on a battery bank unless it is huge making the heating elements cycle on and off sometimes many times per minute. That didn’t happen by accident I’m sure. item 5 DC Water … I know of no such product. 3 years ago. Don't forget to add a thermostat. 1-16 of 962 results for "12 volt water heater element" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. You are a legend in these parts. I will be testing in various locations so mobility from one location to another will be a consideration. The math will get better, if you use a more power heater, e.g. Choosing the Best Well Pumps for Off Grid Homes, Using Your Generator to Charge Your Batteries. Is that how you plan to get 120VAC 3 phase out of a 48VAC alternator or am I misunderstanding something? Related Products. If it is a 12 volt turbine you could purchase a 12 volt water heating element from any RV store in different wattages. This is a simple design that will use water pressure from a sink pump, heat the water using your propane tank, then push it out through your shower head. To get a better look at the water pump take the cover off of the bottom heat element. item 3 DC Water Heater Element 12 Volt 300 Watt with Thermostat 175 Degrees F 2 - DC Water Heater Element 12 Volt 300 Watt with Thermostat 175 Degrees F. $29.99. I am really hurting to find something online. Really excellent. He is one of the smartest fellows electrically I have met and he taught me so much about electricity, efficiency, water turbines, solar and simple things like voltage drop and really gave me an excellent background in AC and DC electricity for which I am grateful. They had a hysteresis (difference) of a few volts and would turn the solar array off at about 14.4 volts and back on at roughly 13.2 volts in a 12 volt nominal system. Other uses include livestock heaters to keep water from freezing. Brady, Thank you for you comment. Additionally, when heavy use exhausts the hot water, there is a significant delay before hot water is available again. Or maybe less water. Is that like regular oven stove elements like 1200 watt or 1500watt or possibly even larger for 240 like 2500watts? Battery AH Ratings. If your turbine is 24 or 48 volt you will need to purchase an element rated 300-400 watts at your turbine’s voltage. If I install three 10 amp 120v AC switching SSR’s staged to dump excess solar AC at say 125v, 128v and 131v this would reduce the large voltage drop of a single SSR. If you have even one 2000 watt heating element that is 167 amps your dump controller will have to be rated for. Right now I am assuming it is configured for 48V wild 3 phase AC. The 12 volt water heater market for RV's, boating, surfing, camping and even emergency Hypothermia treatment is booming. An electric water heater uses one or two heating elements to heat the water inside the tank. For a dedicated solar hot water system this is an excellent idea. I only have solar running for now until I can figure out best way to wire up and size of elements to use. Up to 5 years warranty. You would definitely use a fuse or breaker for each element/dump load. That will require about (100 J/g)*(1000g) = 100 000 J of energy. drywall drywall tape drywall joint tape joint compound joint tape drywall mud drywall paper tape tape. 12, 24, or 48. I have a 400 watt wind gen and would like to just make hot water .Could you give me a sample of how to wire it up ? You can make hot water with your 400 watt turbine but the rated voltage of the turbine would decide how we could do it. PWM stands for pulse width modulation meaning the load (or solar array) is switched on and off several times per second in trying to hold the battery voltage as steady as possible. Also some kind of thermally conductive electrical insulation, like fiberglass, or sand, or something, is required to keep the heating element from electrically shorting itself through the metal tube it is enclosed in. I hear you on the standby heat loss. A typical household kettle may be 2 to 3000 watts -. No more dangerous and expensive propane or waiting for a 110 volt outlet. 2 arrays of 4 275w in series connected in series into a 120vac 2000w element Choose from a wide variety of submersible DC water heating elements for direct connection to your batteries or solar panels. The heating element can be red hot; don't touch it while the power is on and keep it away from flammable objects. If you want a hot shower, all you need is a 12v pump, fresh water tank, propane tank and a 12V connection. Thank you, Can you forward me any diagrams for hooking up 2 water heaters with 2 elements in each. Do you need a special DC thermostat or something to turn off the elements when it gets up to temp? It might be easier to just buy one. There isn't enough amperage in 120 volts to power the heating rods that are inside. A wide variety of 12 volt heating element options are available to you, such as power source. You could simply hook the positive and negative from the turbine to the element. Plus he provides all of this for free. In other words, touch the red lead to one screw terminal and the black lead to the … $19.95 +$15.00 shipping. SSR’s can get hot so it is a must that each SSR be mounted to a large piece of aluminum or heat sink as shown below. The Evolution of the Solar Charge Controller. Regards, Muneeb. That is one of the reasons we NEVER recommend incandescent or any light bulbs as a dump load. Use one or more of these heating elements with a charge control designed for load diversion, such as the Xantrex C40 or C60, Morningstar TS-45 or TS-60 or the Outback FlexMax 60 to turn your excess power into hot water. If it is a 12 volt turbine you could purchase a 12 volt water heating element from any RV store in different wattages. Best article I have read thus far on how to do this – but I could surely use the finishing touches. You will first need to verify there is 12 volt battery power and to make sure the LP is on and supplying unit. For all the next steps listed below we will include wiring diagrams and explain things as clearly as we can. EXAMPLE #1 Your solar array produces 1000 watts but your batteries only need 500 watts to hold the bulk voltage. Or less hot. August, I like the reassurance that you have installed an electric water heater with a 12 volt heating element. They fit most standard electric water heaters with screw-in elements. Shop A.O. I looked at arrangements to configure a delta with the three phase which would provide the option to get the optional 120V or 240V however it would depend on what kind of heating elements I would choose, right?. All low voltage elements used for diversion loads have a 1″ male national pipe thread (MPT) and sometimes they even have a gasket as well.